Stately Homes Of England

by Stately Homes Of England

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Stately Homes Of England are a duo based in Birmingham and Manchester, UK. This is their eponymous debut album: 13 songs that conjure an atmosphere of recent England that's just a little bit wonky. "Ambient prog folktronica... cosmic funky keyboards, ticking percussion, woozy beats and assorted guitar trickles" (BrumBeat)


released August 24, 2009

All songs written by Tim Bowden and Andrew Cowen except track 8, adapted from Atmosphere written by unknown and performed by Russ Abbot.
Additional vocals on tracks 7, 9 and 13 by Louise Kilbride
Additional vocals on track 13 by Jason
Performed and produced by Stately Homes Of England
Recorded at The Virtual Treehouse, Birmingham, and The Glovebox, Manchester, Spring 2008 to Summer 2009
Artwork and track-dressing by Maurice



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Stately Homes Of England Birmingham

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Track Name: Approaching Badger's Edge
I lost my way / Approaching Badger's Edge / Followed the faultline / When the trail went dead / Across the valley / The Home Counties rest / The fallen arches / Of the barefoot architect / I reached out / I held the planet in my hands / Built the South West /The North, Midlands / I kept it warm / I lined it up with other worlds / The greatest week I ever had / Showing off for the girls / I lost my way / Approaching Badgers Edge / I looked for shelter / When the trail went dead / Beyond the riding / A new season brings / A place where we find hope / And dreams take wing
Track Name: Moonshine
Flesh and bone / Are all we know / Beneath the skin / The baby / Will grow / When the world is sleeping / We work the nightshift / Our bodies dressed against the cold / And lunar cuts through amber / Jetstream and drizzle / Rake the riverbed for gold / We heed the warnings / Of barren hillsides / No children born in '29 / Adrift in English landscape / Warm machines and distant light / Where nothing living ever dies / And the birds are silent / And the insects break formation / And everything is space / I drank the moonshine / I felt the moonbeams / I saw the moon light up your face / Like Chinese boxes / Keeping our secrets / From growing up to growing old / When lunar cuts through amber / Jetstream and drizzle / We rake the riverbed for gold
Track Name: Antidoting On You
It's like a motor running slower every day / The battery charge about to go / The wheels are rusted, the timing belt is frayed / And now I can't feel my toes / Antidoting on you / Your friends / And all your poison / It's like the dawn chorus louder every day / The windows open to the birds / My ears are throbbing / My body is in pain / And now my mouth can't shape the words / It's like a kettle boiling slower every day / Can't clear the steam to dry my face / Doctor's orders: make the time to get away / Take the tablets, find some space / It's like the dawn chorus louder every day / The windows open to the birds / My ears have shut down / My limbs have gone lame / And now my mouth can't shape the words
Track Name: Underwater Horns
They're teaching vets to play the drums / Gamelan and steelpan bowls / So when the animal kingdom comes / We'll play interspecies rock'nroll / And move with the animals / Groove with the animals / Keep it smooth with the animals / Wake with the animals / Shake with the animals / Break bread with the animals / They're sending hives out in the mail / To pollenate suburban fields / So when the autumn harvest fails / We'll feast on supernatural yields / They're pulling goldfish from the lakes / Learning scales on ornamental lawns / So when the solar flaring takes / We'll all play underwater horns
Track Name: Build A Home Of Happiness
This is the letter never sent / About a love that barely / Covered half the rent / You know your place and I know mine / No way across the great divide / Remembering our private jokes / Like when I put that garden rake / Between your spokes / Your leg in traction / Sucking grapes / Erasing Stately master tapes
Track Name: Al Shepard
Al Shepard shows us where we come from / Al Shepard shows us who to be / Writes out a prayer before the first manned mission / Straps in and brings us to our knees / Al Shepard, piloting the spacecraft / Al Shepard, orbital and free / Takes in the view before the first transmission / Calls home to tell us what he sees / Al Shepard, digging through the moon dust / Al Shepard, planting crops and trees / Conducting tests, he plans for reignition / Maps out the future by degrees / Scotland to Derry on the Mayflower / CA to burial at sea / Al Shepard plays among the star-spangled heavens / Al Shepard brings us to our knees
Track Name: Pain Of The Pints
And we / We have gone home / And you're on your own / Crumble like bone / When pain / Pain of the pints / Pulls you in tight / Hides you from sight / And worms / Come from the ground / And wiggle around / A beautiful sound / And we / We have gone home / Drinking alone / You fall like a stone / And worms / Come from the ground / A beautiful sound / Echoes around
Track Name: Atmosphere
Your girl is right beside you / You feel like number one / So get your body moving / Tonight has just begun / Make it last forever / Dancing with the gang / You've got your favourite record / And Frankie's got his band / Queuing up for lifeboats / As the stern goes down / Share cigars with strangers / Cling on to the bow / Visions of the future / Panic on the land / Debris in the ice floes / Scratches in the sand / Atmosphere / I love a party with / A happy atmosphere / And you and I'll be dancing
Track Name: Liberty Bell
Under the sea / After the shipwreck / Your sunken fleet / And the liberty bell / At periscope depth / Checked for survivors / I saw a mermaid / And she said to me / Can you feel the presence of angels? / Do you hear the crying when angels sing? / Listen to the crying of angels / Listen for the beating of angels' wings
Track Name: Sleep Where You Lay
The wolf works on his den / The fox regrets the hen / The jewels are in a robin's nest / The golden leaves are spent / So sleep where you lay / Let sunlight find a way / When shadows fall on frozen ground / And icy fingers play
Track Name: Beard Of Bees
You say you've found a new way / To get yourself through the day / Tried to grow a beard of bees / But there's no practical value in these / You say you've got what it takes / Attaching rosebuds to your face / But the bees don't care for glue / And you can't tell a bee what to do
Track Name: Under Heavy Breathing
Speak and / Spell and / All the city daughters / Look what they taught us / Weekends / Bin ends / Dog ends / Dead ends / Show and / Tell and / Voices in the static / Box in the attic / Rhyming / Stealing / Under heavy breathing / I lost the feeling / Speak and / Spell and / All the city daughters / Look what they taught us / Sinkers / Bailers / Fuck-ups / Failures
Track Name: It's Over
In city parks / Cathedral domes / The British Library / Stately homes / We listen in / Decode the chatter / Our dying signal / Anti-matter / In city bars / William The Fourth / We turn our heads around / To face magnetic north / We take a picture / On our camera phone / Searching for evidence / We're not alone / In city farms / Concrete domes / Rewire dead radios / Rebuild our homes / No interference from / Satellites above / There's just Billy Milk / And White Glove